Deposit Accounts


We have a variety of deposit accounts available to you.

Passbook Savings

Our tried and true plan allows you to continually compound your savings, and your money is available at all times.

Certificates of Deposit

Impact Bank offers a wide variety of CD options for customers. The amount of interest paid on a certificate of deposit is dependent upon the time length of the CD.

Johnny Appleseed Savings Club

Start your children off with a Johnny Appleseed Savings account and teach them a habit that will last a lifetime.

Christmas Club

In preparation for Christmas expenses or other year-end expenses, we can help you with a plan for periodic deposits. Our Christmas Club plan is compounded and paid annually.

“Crusaders Savers” Account

Your elementary schoolage child may make deposits at school or at the bank. This account benefits both your child and the school!

Individual Retirement Account

Our personal, tax-sheltered retirement plans are for anyone with earned income. Your deposits may be tax-deductible in your savings program, and your earnings accumulate tax-deferred until retirement. Your IRA account can be set up as a money market account, in a certificate of deposit, or as a self-directed account.

Education IRA

The Education IRA is a nondeductible account that features tax-free withdrawals for a very specific purpose – a child’s higher education expenses. Education IRA distributions are penalty-free and tax-free as long as the distribution is used for qualified higher education expenses.