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Choose a Local Lender

Impact Bank offers hometown banking with a personal concern for each and every customer.

The lending officers who make financing decisions are right here in town, so approval time is cut in half. Through the years, we've grown familiar with the people in and around Caldwell and Wellington. We know what you need. And we've designed our services to meet those needs.

It's simply a relationship and level of trust you can't get with a nationwide bank.

If you have a unique situation, or just have questions about the loan programs we offer, our loan officers are available to help you with any arrangements you may need.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are just that, personal. As such, the loan process can be personalized to fit your needs.

Auto Loans

Not just cars, we can help you purchase trucks, vans or whatever gets you where you want to go.

Home Improvement Loans

We're here to serve you, right here, right now. And we'll make it easy for you and your family to be at home in Wellington.