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How to Protect Yourself Against Fraud

Tip #1:  Notify Impact Bank Before You Travel
Usually when you travel, the transaction that are made are not a part of your “normal” purchasing behavior. We strongly recommend that before leaving, you contact us to notify us of your travel plans. We also consider it a best practice to take a second source of payment with you (cash, credit card, and/or prepaid debit cards). Failure to notify us of your travel plans, could result in your card being temporarily blocked or suspended if suspicious activity is detected.

Tip #2:  Update All Contact Information
Contact us to make sure that we have current phone numbers, including a mobile phone number for you. We encourage you to review your account activity as often as possible. For real time review, we recommend using Online Banking and/or Mobile Banking. Report any suspicious or unauthorized transactions immediately. The sooner you report, the quicker we can act to identify and prevent further activity. To report fraudulent activity or a lost/stolen card after normal banking hours please contact 1-800-236-2442. If you have any questions or concerns during normal banking hours please call 620-326-3361.