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Fraudsters Are Targeting SMARTPHONES

Individuals are being hit by text messages that indicate their credit card account is being deactivated or their package is "awaiting action". Recipients are asked to either call a phone number or click the link and provide account numbers and PINs to resolve the problem.  Impact Bank would never send text messages or email messages requesting account information that we already have on file.  Remember, NEVER give out personal or account information by phone, email or text message.

Victims should report these incidents a customer service represenatative at Impact Bank 620-326-3361 or 620-845-6444 and  Federal Trade Commission (1-877-THEFT)

or to the FBI:

Impact Bank Helps Protect You from Fraud

Fraud Protection Began in 2009
In 2009, Impact Bank safeguarded all their debit account cardholders from fraud by implementing the FIS’ Fraud Alert Management system, a fraud scoring system for all Impact Bank debit card transactions. We were on the forefront of offering our customers an added layer of protection from possible account fraud, thus minimizing your risk and protecting you against losses.

New Fraud Protection Program Began April 30, 2012
A new partnership with ProActive Risk Management brings added peace of mind, knowing that your card is being monitored and protected around-the clock. Our partnership with this company enables detection of potential fraud before it happens. The program uses leading technology, tools and expertise to manage fraud around the clock by offering surveillance of suspicious activity by experienced fraud analysts. We offer immediate notification should potential fraud be detected.